Nancy has made tobacco cessation…interesting!


Hello! I’m Nancy

I am a nurse and an ex-smoker. I started smoking while studying for my nursing exams back in the 1970s. After decades of trying to quit myself, I developed an amazing amount of genuine empathy for anyone addicted to tobacco. I have dedicated my whole career to helping other people quit tobacco.

I used the best addiction research from the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center and other leading medical institutions as well as my years of working with over 16,000 smokers and chewers and created a program that educates and motivates tobacco users in a way that gives them the hope, the knowledge and the tools to quit for good.

In order to get closer to my career goal of helping 1 Million tobacco users, I converted my unique and successful live program, the Quit with Nancy ™ Tobacco Cessation Program©, into an innovative 8-hour instructional program available online or in a DVD series that integrates animation, metaphor, and technology to engage the viewer in an educational experience that is motivating and entertaining.

My vision is that everyone, regardless of personal barriers, has access to high-quality treatment information. My innovative videos help accomplish this goal. Underserved and disparate populations… youth, drug courts, prisons, medical facilities, the mentally ill, LGBTQ, tribes, rural, minorities, Medicaid clients, drug/alcohol dependent and corporations can all access my program.

My Approach and Teaching Style

Spending 30 years in front of a room of tobacco users taught me a few things, mostly that I needed to be funny or they would all gang up on me. I also learned that the people in my audiences needed to understand I really cared about them. They expected to be bored in my classes and were pleasantly surprised to find themselves informed, excited, fired up, and eagerly looking forward to kicking tobacco’s butt!

I hope the fact that I care about every single person using my course comes through in my videos. Human physiology and addiction can be complicated, so I use stories, analogies and metaphors  in a way that transforms the complex scientific concepts of tobacco addiction/treatment into information that everyone can understand.

My Experience

  • Taught 16,000 tobacco users in the classroom
  • Provide physician education on medication management
  • Provide consulting and lectures for employers, insurance companies and health districts

My Awards

  • Idaho Business Review Woman of the Year
  • BSU Women Making History Award
  • Idaho Healthcare Heroes Innovator Award
  • Tobacco Free Idaho – Conrad Colby Legacy Award

Hear it from the Experts

“What I love about this program is that individuals learn in a safe, supportive classroom environment, all the resources available to help them end their addiction to tobacco. I’ve been extremely impressed with the success rate my patients have had through the Quit with Nancy™ Program©."

Kathleen Sutherland, MD

Pulmonologist, Boise, ID

"Nancy trained at the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center and has taught over 14,000 tobacco users. She is a true expert in tobacco cessation! As an ex-smoker, Nancy has designed this program in a manner that tobacco users understand. The success rate this program has is something I’ve never seen in all my years of practicing medicine."

Beth Malasky, MD

Cardiologist, Boise, ID

"Nancy's teaching style is very direct and very compassionate at the same time. People really get that caring even through the videos."

Joan Haynes, MD

Boise, ID

Contact Me

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844-789-QUIT (7848)

PO Box 7543 Boise, ID 83707