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The Mission Statement of Quit and Live Global, Inc is to provide effective, comprehensive and easily accessible tobacco education and cessation programs to people around the world.

We believe Nancy has accomplished something which has challenged anti-tobacco advocates and the medical system for decades
…Nancy has made tobacco cessation…interesting.

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Nancy Caspersen, RN, is an ex-smoker and Tobacco Cessation Specialist. Nancy has dedicated her career to helping other people quit tobacco. Over the last 25 years, Nancy has worked with over 16,000 smokers and chewers in live community and on-site corporate programs. These thousands have shared their stories with her regarding their struggle with tobacco and she has listened. She has incorporated their feedback and experience into her program, so in effect; the tobacco users have helped her to develop a program that they, and others like them, can understand and relate to. As a result of those experiences, she has unique and extraordinary insight into the challenges facing both the tobacco users and the healthcare system.

Drawing on research from the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center, CDC’s Best Practices, and U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Guidelines, her program integrates science and metaphor to transform the complex concepts of tobacco addiction and treatment into information that motivates tobacco users and educates them in a way that gives them the hope, the knowledge and the tools to quit for good.

Until now, programs for tobacco users who want to quit have been mostly either phone counseling or online text-based programs requiring extensive reading. Ask most smokers and they’ll say they do want to quit. They’ll probably say they do have access to phone and online programs (through employers or government agencies). However, thousands of tobacco users have reported to us that those two formats just haven’t worked for them.

Now, for the first time, a comprehensive tobacco cessation program on video is available for tobacco smokers and chewers of all ages and all abilities.

Nancy has converted her unique and successful live program, the Quit with Nancy ™ Tobacco Cessation Program©, into an innovative 8-hour instructional DVD and online program that integrates animation, metaphor, and technology to engage the viewer in an educational experience that is motivating and entertaining.

Human physiology and addiction can be complicated. This program empowers tobacco users by making the subject of tobacco cessation and treatment easy to understand.

Many important benefits will be realized by offering the Quit With Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© in DVD and online formats. The underserved populations will have improved access to a comprehensive cessation program. Rural communities desperately need a way to offer updated cessation programs in their areas. In this format, the program will be available year round with easy access. It can be repeated and viewed with family members for support. It can be used by individuals or (with licensing contract) in group settings such as juvenile detention centers, jails, shelter homes, and hospitals. It can be offered promptly when it is requested, capitalizing on the window of opportunity of a tobacco user’s interest in quitting which can be forfeited if cessation resources are not available in a timely fashion.

For years, Nancy dreamed of converting her successful live program into a DVD format. Both individuals and corporations expressed their need for easier access to her effective, comprehensive program. The challenge, of course, was funding such an expensive endeavor. Tobacco users urged her to do it. Many handed her a dollar or two with an encouraging word. After hearing about the video project, a teen once handed Nancy his last five bucks of cigarette money and said: “you need to make this video”.

After getting bids ranging in the $2-3 million range for the 8-hour video production, Nancy decided the only feasible route was to buy all of her own professional video equipment, video editing software, and computers and to “build her own house”. Nancy hired a full-time video production editor and then combined her program content with her creativity to develop this innovative approach to tobacco cessation.

How is Nancy’s teaching style special?

Nancy is a uniquely talented and skilled instructor. She cares about people in a way that makes them care more about themselves. Her creative use of stories, analogies and metaphors take the complex scientific concepts of tobacco addiction/treatment and transforms the information into something that everyone can understand.

People expect tobacco cessation to be dry, boring and bad tasting. After Nancy’s program, they are pleasantly surprised to find themselves informed, excited, fired up, and eagerly looking forward to kicking tobacco’s butt! She gives them a solid education and instills in them a new level of confidence. Most of all, she gives them a sense of hope that they have rarely felt.

As an ex-smoker, Nancy has an amazing amount of genuine empathy for anyone addicted to tobacco. Nancy is clearly non-judgmental… “addiction is NOT about smart or stupid…. good or bad…. rich or poor… addiction is about brains and brain chemistry”. Tobacco users let go of blame and guilt, which begins to unlock the door to recovery. Connecting with them as an ex-smoker allows them to listen and be open to what she has to say.

Nancy is passionately obsessed with helping people quit tobacco. She is an advocate for both the tobacco user and the anti-tobacco movement. If you bring up the topic of tobacco, you’d better have a lunch packed, because she truly knows more about tobacco from the on-the-ground level and freely shares her knowledge to try to make a difference in people’s lives.

Hundreds of court-ordered teens start her program with their hats backward, heads down, refusing to even look up, faces and voices clearly angry about being at a stupid, mandatory program. About 2 hours into the 8-hour program, they lift their faces and…they listen. About halfway through… they start asking questions and making comments along with the group. Nearing the end… they admit they are thinking about quitting. By the end of the program… no kidding… they thank Nancy, they hug her, they sense she really does care about them and they express their sincere appreciation.

Nancy is acknowledged as a highly-respected, knowledgeable resource and principal educator for medical professionals. She provides in-services and lectures (at no cost) to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, clinics, legislators, politicians, employers and just about anyone who will listen. Nancy updates professionals on the latest tobacco research/treatment recommendations from Mayo’s Clinic.
Nancy has been a Presenter of Tobacco Cessation Treatment to Physicians and providers at the following:

  • Idaho Academy of Family Physicians Conference
  • Idaho Industrial Commission Conference
  • Idaho Osteo Physicians Conference
  • Tobacco Free Idaho Alliance
  • Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependence
  • Countless in-services and lectures for medical professionals

Nancy has received the following Awards and Honors for her work in tobacco cessation:

  • 2013 Finalist Idaho Innovator of the Year
  • 2012 Idaho Tobacco Free Idaho Alliance, Conrad Colby Legacy Award
  • 2011 GetGoingGirly.com, Our Inspiring Woman from Idaho
  • 2011 Idaho Business Review, Idaho Health Care Heroes Innovator Award
  • 2010 Idaho Women’s Journal, Quitters Do Win! (Cover story)
  • 2008 Idaho Governor’s, Brightest Star Award
  • 2008 Idaho Business Review, Idaho Women of the Year Award
  • 2006 Boise State University, Women Making History Award

Nancy’s vision is that everyone, regardless of personal barriers, has a right to have access to high-quality treatment information. Her innovative video helps accomplish this goal. Underserved and disparate populations… youth, drug courts, prisons, medical facilities, the mentally ill, LGBT, tribes, rural, minorities, Medicaid clients, drug/alcohol dependent and corporations will all benefit from her accomplishment of producing the first comprehensive tobacco cessation DVD and online program.

To learn more about the Quit with Nancy™ Program©, email us at info@QuitWithNancy.com or call us at (844) 789-QUIT(7848) or local (208) 342-0308.

  • Nancy is an ex-smoker

  • Highly-respected educator of physicians

  • Uniquely talented and skilled instructor