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for the Quit With Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program©
The Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© is designed and licensed for private individual use only. The DVD set, Online Course and/or Workbook are not licensed for “public performance” or for a “loaning library” situation. Unauthorized duplication, distribution and public exhibition are prohibited by law. Copyrighted 2011-2018 Quit and Live Global, Inc., all rights reserved, licensed for personal use only.

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DVD set with workbook

The QWN DVD set is a comprehensive 8-hour Instructional Video. This set includes 4 DVDs (approximately 2 hours each) and a 40-page color Personal Workbook. This unique program integrates science, animation, and technology to engage the viewer in an experience that is educational, motivating and enlightening. The DVD format is great for review, relapse prevention, and family support. Available year-round; anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Online Course

In 2018, the Quit with Nancy™ Program© will become available online, formatted in a “responsive” website designed for optimal viewing and interactive experiences. The new online program will be presented in 8 Modules, similar to the DVD program, each approximately one-hour in length. At the end of each Module, flashcards with colorful graphics will be provided for participants to review program content. Flashcards are then followed by a series of interactive questions designed to reinforce learning. The program’s 40-page workbook, entitled Your Personal Survival Guide for Quitting Tobacco©, will be included as a printable PDF document. The phone coaching component of the online program will be equivalent to the coaching currently performed with the existing DVD program format.
Thousands of participant evaluations consistently show that we provide top-notch personal care and guidance. The Quit with Nancy™ Program© allows for data collection and follow-up, and participants feel supported for many months and even years following completion of the program. This is the highly successful model that we have provided to our major corporations.

Personal one-on-one Phone Coaching with the program

After years of experience, we now know that ongoing support from a trained and licensed Quit with Nancy™ phone coach is an essential component of the quitting process. Individual coaching has proven to increase participant engagement, accountability, satisfaction, and success. Participants need the leadership, encouragement, and expertise of a competent phone coach to guide them through one of the most difficult, though positive, transitions of a lifetime.

The personal coaching process starts upon receipt of a signed Participant Agreement form. Once received, participants are called for an initial consultation so we may obtain information regarding tobacco use history, previous quit attempts, and contact information. We discuss the signed Agreement and describe how to get the most from the 8-hour Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program© and the 40-page Personal Workbook Your Personal Survival Guide for Quitting Tobacco©. The first coaching call is scheduled.
On-site Program for Employee Wellness
The QWNTCP delivered on-site will have a profound effect on not just the bottom line, but on the health and happiness of the workforce. When an employer steps up and supports their employees to quit tobacco use, the program attendance and quit rate tend to be much higher than if the employee attempts to quit on their own. Supplying incentives and encouraging group support within the business all lead to a more effective tobacco cessation program.

Facilitator training

In some approved situations, Quit With Nancy™ will train and license a Facilitator to teach both facilitated individual programs and facilitated group programs. Each Facilitator will receive training as outlined below along with a set of teaching materials provided.
Facilitator training and materials to include:

  • Quit With Nancy™ Facilitator Training Manual and DVD Program Guide ©, a comprehensive easy-to-follow illustrated book designed for effective facilitation.
  • Quit With Nancy™ Facilitator forms, marketing materials, participant handouts, flashcards, teaching aids, props, etc.
    20 hours of Facilitator training
  • Facilitator version of the Quit With Nancy™ 12-hour DVD Set (8 discs of approximately 1.5 hours each) and Workbook
  • Participant version of the Quit With Nancy™ 8-hour DVD set and Workbook (4 discs approximately 2 hours each)
  • Facilitator on-going education and support from Quit and Live, by phone, text, and/or email as needed.


Quit and Live Global, Inc, provides cost-effective consulting on tobacco-related issues to private corporations, federal, state, and local public health agencies, professional associations, as well as non-profit, community-based, and other public health-related organizations.

Continuing Education for Professionals & Speaking Engagements

Nancy has educated physicians, legislators, employers and many other medical professionals.
She has been a popular guest speaker on tobacco issues at conferences including:

  • The Academy of Family Physicians
  • The Industrial Commission Conference
  • The Annual Osteo-Physicians Conference
  • The Tobacco-Free Idaho Alliance
    Family Practice Residency
  • Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency

In addition, Nancy has provided many in-services for medical professionals, has been featured weekly on KTVB Channel 7 in Boise, as well as being a guest speaker at anti-tobacco organizations, churches, schools, and corporations.

To learn more about the Quit with Nancy™ Program©, email us at info@QuitWithNancy.com or call us at (844) 789-QUIT(7848) or local (208) 342-0308.

  • The Complete Online Course

  • An 8 Hour DVD-based Course Sent to Your Home

  • Trained addiction specialists available for coaching support