Our program is different. No matter how many times you have tried, we can help.

Nancy Caspersen, RN and Tobacco Cessation Specialist has accomplished something that has challenged the healthcare system for decades…she’s made tobacco cessation……interesting.  The Quit with Nancy™ Program© is an 8-hour instructional video that integrates animation and metaphors with science and technology to engage the participant in an educational experience that is effective, empowering and yes, even enjoyable.

Nancy is an ex-smoker and has worked with over 20,000 smokers, chewers and vapers. Thousands have shared their stories with her and she has listened. She’s incorporated their feedback into her program, so in effect; tobacco users have helped to develop a program that they can relate to. When tobacco users attempt to quit on their own, less than 10% are successful. The Quit with Nancy Program is designed to work with the 90% of people who need a more comprehensive education of tobacco use to overcome their barriers. We’re able to help those who consider themselves beyond help, people of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds…including those who have relapsed many times over. Nobody is beyond help.

Why Can’t You Quit?

Addiction is NOT about smart or stupid, good or bad, rich or poor.

Addiction is about drugs…and brains.

Give a brain a drug and you’ll probably eventually get HOOKED!

Once you’re hooked on tobacco, the best road to success is getting educated through the Quit with Nancy Tobacco Cessation Program.

Individual Programs

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We Have Corporate Programs Too!

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Worldwide Physician Support


Beth Malasky, MD

Cardiologist Saint Alphonsus, Boise

“Nancy trained at the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center and has taught over 14,000 tobacco users. She is a true expert in tobacco cessation! As an ex-smoker, Nancy has designed this program in a manner that tobacco users understand. The success rate this program has is something I’ve never seen all my years of practicing medicine.”


Kathleen Sutherland

MD, Pulmonologist Saint Alphonsus, Boise

“What I love about this program is that individuals learn in a safe, supportive classroom environment, all the resources available to help them end their addition to tobacco. I’ve been extremely impressed with the success rate my patients have had through the Quit with Nancy™ Tobacco Cessation Program©.

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