Quit With Nancy – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What if I am not ready to quit?
One great thing about the Quit with Nancy™ Program© is that if you are like the thousands of other participants who have taken this program, you will feel an increase in your desire to reduce and quit tobacco. A lot of people say they wish they “wanted to quit” but they really like tobacco and are having a hard time sincerely wanting to quit. If you feel this way, be assured this is normal, and this program is really good at helping you get to the point where you WANT to quit. We will help you raise your motivation level, no matter where you are now. Nancy doesn’t focus on WHY you should quit, (you probably already know WHY), Nancy focuses on HOW to quit.

2 Is it boring?
Not according to the evaluations and testimonials of 16,000 tobacco users who have taken it! They rate it as excellent in every category. Nancy’s creative use of stories, analogies, animation, and technology engage the viewer in an educational experience that is entertaining and most of all…empowering. Human physiology and addiction can be complicated. This program empowers tobacco users by making the subject of tobacco cessation and cutting-edge treatment easy to understand. Guaranteed; it’s not the same old blah-blah-blah you’ve already heard that has been no help at all.

Most programs for tobacco users who want to quit are either phone counseling or online text-based programs requiring extensive reading. Nancy’s program is the first comprehensive, effective tobacco cessation program presented in a video format.

Most people begin our program very discouraged and feel defeated and hopeless about quitting…they’ve tried, struggled and slipped. However, after they take Nancy’s program …they are so excited and realize they can quit with the right information…they’ve just never had the tools to quit. Even people who are reluctant to take the program end up loving it.

3 Do I have to use medicine?
No, you will learn about the medication options available and then choose which method is right for you. There are new recommendations of the successful ways to quit, new medicines, better and newer forms of nicotine. People come into the program saying “I’ve tried everything” but leave our program saying “no wonder I’ve never quit, I’ve never even heard most of this information!”

4 Will the program help me stay quit for good?
The Mayo Clinic and the US Department of Health and Human Services describe tobacco addiction as a “chronic, relapsing, addictive disorder”. Tobacco addiction is acknowledged as one of the most difficult dependencies to conquer. If you have tried to quit and failed in the past, that is normal. Thousands of past participants have attested that this program finally made it possible for them to eliminate past barriers, access high-quality information, utilize it to its fullest and once and for all, quit for good!

5 Why is it an 8-hour program?
As I’m sure you know, tobacco addiction is very difficult to overcome. A lot of people say it is as hard to quit as any other drug. For example, if someone tries to quit cold turkey…just put tobacco down and walk away from it … only about 2% of folks can do that and stick with it for good. Most can’t tolerate the withdrawal symptoms and go right back to smoking (or chewing) even though they really do want to quit. So wanting to quit is good but you have to know HOW to quit. You probably already know WHY to quit….it’s expensive, it’s unhealthy…we don’t need to convince you of that. You know all that. What you probably don’t know is HOW to quit using the most successful methods and that is what we are going to teach you.

6 What do others say about it?
—it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
—it was nothing like what I expected.
—I could have quit 40 years ago if I had known this information.
—by far, it’s the best class I’ve ever taken.

7 What if I’m “on the fence”?
Just plunge on in. Trust the thousands of people who love this program and rate it as excellent. You will be incredibly grateful you did. Give yourself a chance with this program and see if it might help direct your life towards a healthier path. After watching Nancy’s video, you’ll probably have the best shot you’ve ever had in your life to quit.

If you’re “on the fence”, then you’re just like the majority of our participants. They took the leap of faith and are glad they did. Now it’s your turn.

To learn more about the Quit with Nancy™ Program©, email us at info@QuitWithNancy.com or call us at (844) 789-QUIT(7848) or local (208) 342-0308.