Participant Testimonials

The Quit with Nancy Tobacco Cessation Program is a mountain of information! After a lifetime of smoking, I have finally found someone who has motivated me and helped me to quit. Thank you, Nancy, it saved my life.
Maggie quit after 38 years of smoking

Never before has tobacco cessation been delivered in such a caring, entertaining and humorous way. The Quit with Nancy Program has given me the courage and the knowledge to tackle tobacco and win. Thank you from me, my wife and our new baby.
Craig quit tobacco after 22 years of chewing

I have always wanted to “want to quit”. The Quit with Nancy Program boosted my motivation level to an unexpectedly high and I actually looked forward to quitting. I did quit and have been smoke-free for 10 years.
Margaret quit after 26 years of smoking

I was desperate to quit. A friend told me about the Quit with Nancy Program so I tried it. It was a lifesaver for me. The presentation is jaw-dropping. With the Quit and Live program, you WILL be successful.
John quit smoking and chewing 10 years ago!

Before the Quit with Nancy Program, my motivation to quit was a 2 and by the end, I was a 10…and quit!
Robyn quit after 30 years of smoking

I have taken many quit smoking classes, telephone counseling, and online programs. I have learned more new and informative info in the Quit with Nancy Program than I have in all the others put together! This class exceeded all expectations I had.
James quit after 22 years of smoking

Corporate Testimonials

September 8, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I write to recommend Nancy Caspersen and her product Quit with Nancy Tobacco Cessation Program. Prior to my retirement, I served as the Benefits Director for a large organization that utilized Nancy’s services for a number of years.

I found it most delightful to work with her and found her very innovative in her approach to tobacco cessation. Her concern in working with individuals who wanted to stop using tobacco or e-cigarettes helped them find the belief in themselves that when coupled with her program and tools resulted in helping them reach their objectives.

I can confirm that I found the successful quit rates that Nancy shares to be conservative in my experience. Her program helped many individuals that I am aware of quit using tobacco products for good. This resulted in positive life changes for these individuals as well as reducing expense to the Company benefit program.

I watched the entire DVD with my son and Mom last weekend. We were all SO IMPRESSED! We kept saying…we’ll just watch one more section and then quit for the evening…but we were hooked! My goodness, the DVD turned out so nice!!! Many employees have been successful in making the changes to eliminate tobacco use and qualify for the health plan contribution discount.

Sincerely, Karen North, Benefits Director

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